Core Values

(1) The aim of the Hong Kong Freedom Dragon is to promote the sport of dragon boat, train the youngsters, temper their willpower and teamwork through long-term training and competition. By actively participating in dragon boat races both in HK and overseas, we aim to promote the culture of dragon boat.

(2) To enhance the team’s fitness, self-confidence, discipline and competition. Experience the spirit of unity and teamwork of the dragon boat through cooperation, effort and perseverance.

(3) To raise the profile of the sport of dragon boat in Hong Kong. Work closely with other HK dragonboat teams to push forward and promote the spirit of dragonboat sports with our unified strength.

(4) To make HK Freedom Dragon one big family and enhance the transparency of dragon boat. To get our family members into dragon boat, leading them to participate into our activities, gatherings, competition, tours and increase the sense of belonging.