speech of Bashir

“ In the beginning, the only reason I joined this sport was for the competitions and maybe also due to the fact that this was a mixed gender sport 🤣… so initially I had no plans of taking this sport seriously.

But here I am now (writing a farewell speech)… completely fallen in love with not only Dragon boat but also with the team around me that create such a positive and enjoyable atmosphere to be in.

I thank all my dragon boat teammates for all the memories created in this short period of time – all the social events, the lunch/the dinners, the Cantonese dish lessons, gym workouts, car journeys, (mahjong/changing room conversations 🤣) and of course all the training sessions we endured.

Now, all of this would not have been possible without our two amazing coaches (choi gor & choi so).

One thing that really stood out to me, is their passion towards this sport and how it naturally radiates/spreads towards the rest of the team.

And an aspect I will never forget is that even with the major language barrier, I genuinely felt the warm welcome and friendliness they both gave me during my first few weeks of training and all throughout the year.

Thank you both so much for spending time teaching me (even knowing I will be leaving…) thank you for inviting me to all the events and more importantly thank you for inviting me to freedom dragon! “




但是我現在在這裡(寫告別演說)…… 我不僅完全愛上了龍舟,也愛上了自由龍。在這裡,大家營造了一種積極又愉快的氛圍。


如果沒有我們兩位出色的教練 – 財哥和財嫂,所有這些都是不可能的。







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